"When we had our children, our ideas changed somewhat. Thenceforward we lived only for them; they made all our happiness and we would never have found it save in them. In fact, nothing any longer cost us anything; the world was no longer a burden to us. As for me, my children were my great compensation, so that I wished to have many in order to bring them up for Heaven" -- Saint Zelie Martin, mother of St. Therese of Lisieux, canonized October 18, 2015 along with her husband St. Louis Martin.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Last day of February

Lent begins tomorrow.  As usual, I'm not ready, but since this is usual, I know that there is time to do the things I might have hoped to do before hand during Lent.  In fact, Ash Wednesday is a really great day to to things like make a Lenten Calendar (a la Jessica at Shower of Roses) or make a crown of thorns on a poster on the wall and then let the kids pick a color of marker to draw flowers on the thorns, knowing which color of flower stands for the sacrifices made by them.
It helps to do these things on Ash Wednesday because, well, we'll be fasting and abstaining, so it's good to distract from, well, food.

I can't figure out how to rotate the photo, but this year I bought a king cake, which actually came with a little plastic baby to hide in the cake.  The baby stands for Jesus, whom the Three Kings found.  The colors stand for justice (purple), power (gold), and faith (green).  It's traditionally eaten on Mardi Gras, the end of the season that began on the Epiphany, the feast of the three kings.

I bought it, but then we all got the stomach flu, so only some of us ate it.

And only some of us are celebrating the final day of being able to have sweets and treats before Lent begins tomorrow.  Actually, having the stomach flu and shrinking your stomach isn't a bad way to head into Ash Wednesday...you know, always looking on the bright side.

Who is almost 8 months old?!  And why is he holding a giant glue stick at a basketball game?  Mama knows how to keep him happy, that's why.  #homeschooledbaby

You know my twin niece and nephew were in the NicU, and are now happily home!  Unfortunately, they are still preemies and as I mentioned, we just got the stomach flu.  What is a poor doting Aunt to do?  Steal over to my sister's house and knock on the front window for a peek, of course!  No germs!

The glare form the window didn't make for the best pictures, but I got to see them!!


I cannot wait for the day when I can actually hold them!!

In my own home, I am hoping to get a lot of Spring Cleaning done this Lent.  I like the ideas of 40 bags/40 days, but I'm pretty sure I can't get 40 bags this year.  I can weed out our clothes again now that we're through the bulk of the winter.  I know there are things like Christmas outfits that can be packed away.  Organizing closets is top on my list of to-dos.  Believe it or not, I cleaned out our garage on a nice day this past week.  But our car is in super need of a deep clean after the winter grime.  (I hear tell that we're due for another snow storm, so I might just hold off for a few more weeks on that one).  I'm hoping to get a big Spring Cleaning list up so I can keep track of what I've actually accomplished, but don't hold me to it.  I'm already out of time and simply blogging to procrastinate returning to the fray!  We're waiting on a new delivery of Sprite--let's hope we return to good health soon!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Late February

Things have been busy since I last posted!  We did have a successful Valentine's Day party.  I think there were about 30 kids and 7 moms? The little girls made a marathon out of "ring around the rosie"--apparently this game can be played indefinitely!
 And the boys?  Crab-football.  (Just to keep them somewhat corralled and somewhat constructively occupied).:)  There were crafts and snacks as well.  But never never enough time for chatting with the moms!  I think I'm going to have to re-think this...I think we need a mom's night out!

The weather has been outrageously awesome!  I have had the joy of watching my niece, who became a big sister twice over when my sister delivered her twins!!

I took my kids-plus-one on a nature hike.

The highlight was finding a nest.

And...I need to record that when my brother was visiting he insisted that I get out -twice- with him alone for lunch.  Now, I don't really go out alone, and I don't really go out for lunch.  Sort of not really in keeping with the general job description!:)  BUT, exceptions are made when my brother is home!  I went out.
I think I've mentioned that my brother is a hipster.  The truth is, he's just very urbane and very fun and awesome in general (I only have one older sibling, so I do adore a bit, pardon the gush).  So, when we go out, he doesn't let me just meet him at the local coffee shop.  Nope.  First it was a German pub for Weinerschnitzel and kraut:

And then, Vietnamese?  Pho. Green tea and Spring Rolls.

Back to diapers!
I'm out of time!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

February Daybook

I'm going to go ahead and try to finish this post--it was written over the course of several days...just ignore any time references.

Outside my window:  Ooh, yesterday it was SPRING!  Sunny and mild; my heart did leap.   Today...still spring, but in the foggy/muddy/wet vein of things.  Actually, it's still quite cold.  I took my little ones out on a walk one afternoon just to get out of the house.  We found a nice little ditch of mud to explore.

So, yes, mud and wet is the theme.  Boots can come off on the porch, but what to do with your dog?  Reina comes in all bouncy and energetic (not unlike Tigger in Winnie-the-Pooh) and all I can do is direct her to her kennel until she can dry off--lest she hit her favorite roost: the couch!

But then again, not everyone lets a living rug lounge on the living room couches.  I'm still undecided as to whether this makes me a good or a bad dog owner.  I err on the side of being too permissive.

Sort of the days that you look at your big furry labradoodle and think, "WHY???!!!!!"

(putting "get dog groomed" on my to-do list)

And I should point out that sometime last fall (I think) we got new couches to replace the dreaded sectional--notice the dark charcoal grey color.  That's called living and learning.

A few plans for the week: were cancelled when Aragorn twisted his ankle at practice last night.  That's gonna bruise up and look a whole lot worse before it looks better.  His double tournament games are looking like possible cancels.  Gimli has a double-header tonight, though, so the family won't go into basketball withdrawal any time soon.

I'm updating this now that it is a week later.  This weekend we had 10 (ten) games, two tournaments, and concession duty.  Ouch.

Around the house (from a week ago):  Since we thought we were sick of the Patriots, we went ahead and decided to root Falcons.  Then we witnessed the most amazing comeback ever and sort of switched teams mid game.  I still felt bad for the Falcons, but it was a fun game to watch.  

And now for the crazy reveal.  As in, revealing our family's craziness.  We decorate for the Super Bowl.  Well, I let the kids do it.  Are we alone in this? Yes?

Now to pick the rest of the tape off of the ceiling.

Looking forward to:  Valentine's Day!!  I hope everyone stays healthy, because we are planning a party in our local library basement and I really really want to see all of my friends again!  As all of our families grow, it is just too hard to get together.  I hit up the Oriental Trading Company for fun crafts and surprises.  My kids are excited.  Now I just have to go buy about a dozen boxes of Valentines!  (**Shout out to my beautiful little niece "Heni" who will celebrate her very first birthday that day! Can we just say that that is the perfect day for a little girl to turn One year old?!  Love you my Henina! xoxo)

Prayers please:  For my baby sister, who is all grown up, but still pulls on my heartstrings like the day she was born.  She is pregnant with twins and scaring my pants off with her daily contractions.  She's getting close...she's 34 weeks!  It could be a few more weeks, but she's got me on pins and needles.  Twin pregnancy is a wild and crazy world that for all of my children I cannot imagine navigating myself.  My sister said that if I had twins, I would love my children so much that I'd just do it.  I guess.  My sister is making it look easy. 


--For my sister (the preggo) dragging me and my kiddos to the local gym for homeschool gymnastics once a week this past month or so.  Gets us out of the house and some exercise.  Plus, I refuse to let my sister traipse around town without me--someone has to keep an eye on her!

--For any time I can find myself in the Adoration Chapel.  5 minutes, an hour--I'll take any time I can get!

--For Galadriel reading four (4) Nancy Drew books in the past week or two.  She's on a reading tear and this girl couldn't really read.  I'm not sure if it's the vision therapy or the fact that she turned 10.  Either way, I'm so so thankful!

I better go ahead and publish this--or it will be another month un-blogged!  Have a great week!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

February 4th??

Wait... that means this little fella

is SEVEN months old?!!!!

Oh yeah!!!